PULSAR AQUI PARA IR A "TBM-Missions":Proclamar y enseñar. Evangelizar y discipular. Ganar y capacitar. Las dos actividades primordiales de la iglesia están esposadas. No es posible hacer lo uno sin pensar en lo otro. Sin almas ganadas, no hay nadie para enseñar. Sin la capacitación, no es posible sostener el evangelismo y la expansión de la iglesa IR A "TBM-Missions. CANAL TBM - TV: Redemption by TBM Missions

domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

Redemption by TBM Missions

Redemption is a concept referring to forgiveness or absolution for past sins or errors and protection from damnation and disgrace, eternal or temporary, generally through sacrifice.

As a Christian theological term, redemption refers to the deliverance of Christians from sin. It assumes an important position, however, only when the ills in question form part of a great system against which human power is helpless.

In Christian theology redemption is an element of salvation that broadly means the deliverance from sin. Leon Morris says that "Paul uses the concept of redemption primarily to speak of the saving significance of the death of Christ." The English word redemption means 'repurchase' or 'buy back', and in the Old Testament referred to the ransom of slaves (Exodus 21:8). In the New Testament the redemption word group is used to refer both to deliverance from sin and freedom from captivity. Theologically, redemption is a metaphor for what is achieved through the Atonement. Therefore there is a metaphorical sense in which the death of Jesus pays the price of a ransom, releasing Christians from bondage to sin and death. Most evangelical theologians and Protestant denominations, however, reject Origin's belief that the ransom price of redemption was paid by God to Satan.

The Story

Feeling unloved by her father and used by a boyfriend, teenager Annie Lobert yearned inside for the power to exact revenge over men. Money to have nice things. To be someone important. It over rode any caution in her life and within a short time she was selling her body, gaining the money she thought was her answer to a better life.

It was a lie. The money instead went to her violent pimp and for many years her world descended into a hell filled with prostitution, cancer, drug addiction and no future. Yet when she cried out to God in her darkest and most dangerous moment, hope arrived to give her a second chance.

Her Testimony

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